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RSBK: Vladimir Strelnik - about the Autodrome St. Petersburg, Imatra, severe training and magic of emotions

Vladimir Strelnik - about the Autodrome St. Petersburg: "There is a route and there are people; and all who now in RSBK - all left from the Autodrome. The route is also it carries out the role". In what magic of Imatra? "These emotions are incomparable with one race in which I participated! "

Vladimir Strelnik in St. Petersburg the big authority. Since the route in Shushary has opened, I trained itself there and trained others, and long stored an official record of a circle. Now heads the Commission on highway and ring motorcycle races of Federation of Motorcycle sport of St. Petersburg. And the first task before myself I have put - to return to the home autodrome hope.

- occurs Long ago opinion that the Autodrome it something - dangerous in itself. I here from the opening. I have in total carried out, both training others, and acting in competitions itself up to last year, having done not miss any race - eight seasons. And never about this route I told anything bad. Certainly, having already got the necessary experience, including, international, I have seen distinctly all defects and defects. But all of them come down to one: yes, it is a track without the right for a serious mistake therefore it is necessary to leave some stock.

U me such opinion that the beginning impudent pilots here always had a priority, so to say, owing to the fact that they not absolutely understood and didn't estimate probability of possible consequences. And the skilled pilot, he does on it the footnote. Anyway he will be faster, owing to the experience, but it gave to the young beginning impudent pilots a small trump on this route. Probably, from all who in St. Petersburg go I one of the oldest, and here for this new galaxy - "young and impudent" - our local motorcycle racers was long time an irritant, an incentive, and interest for me to aspire was it, to beat me once - and we had a development here.

Arrival on the 2nd stage of the Sankt-Peterbruga Championship of the SPB Racing Team team in present structure - with Vladimir Leonov, Alexander Pavlov, Vitaly Zhuk and Konstantin Putikhin - has changed a situation radically. It is surprising that Leonov in all 8 years of existence of a track, never there was! The first circles at a training bottom became... a certain sort shock, but the next morning Volodya has raised a bar to 1:18.194, having improved Strelnik's record for 2.6 seconds at once. For the St. Petersburg amateur athletes and pro-riders the new level which to surpass it will be difficult is set!

- the Autodrome has soured the Last several years, didn't develop in any way. The segment of the created pilots who have already grown up from Shushary was seen what else is motor-life: more beautifully, more interesting and this segment has already switched to other level of competitions. There was a vacuum: there is nobody to aspire. Guys come and cook in the juice, without seeing reference points. Therefore have solved unambiguously: it is necessary to return competitions here. The championship of St. Petersburg should be returned! Of course, to St. Petersburg.

All wait for opening Igory Drive (it is expected that the route in the Leningrad Region will be completed to the middle of 2019 and is handed over in



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