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RSBK final on Moscow Raceway: one big intrigue also rub less

On Saturday, August 18 on Moscow Raceway the RSBK championship reduced to 5 stages from planned to 6 that has made insignificant corrections to alignment of forces on the eve of the decisive fight will come to the end: the big intrigue was outlined in category Supersport!

the Stage planned for the ADM Raceway in Myachkovo hasn't taken place: the changed route hasn't undergone strict control of representatives of MFR and hasn't received an omologation. Therefore, after the third in a row visit to Nizhny Novgorod it has been decided to make a pause prior to the final in August.

the Victor of this season without any reservations is the SPB Racing Team team: the full-strength makeup of pilots and engineers, high motivation and aspiration to come to good international level - here that characterizes her. And Moscow Raceway for her the most successful platform: in May, at the 2nd stage RSBK the team has issued the first super record of the Russian championship, having taken 6 victories in one day (2 in Superbike, 2 in Supersport and 2 in SBK EVO 2); then, achievement managed to be repeated - and to be fixed at this level.

Vladimir Leonov (No. 65), the speaker in the Prime minister class of the championship of Russia - Superbike on Aprilia RSV4 by right is considered the fastest Russian racer on Moscow Raceway. On this route he successfully debuted in 2012 in World Supersport: in the first race on the home ground I have risen by a podium together with the world champion Kennan Sofuglu and the applicant for a title Jules Clouzel.

the Personal record of Leonov on "liter" - 1:36.258 (according to telemetry), and according to "official" data - 1:36.345 (the Cup of the Governor, 2017). Since the beginning of a season Volodya has won victories in all races, including a May stage on MRW in difficult weather conditions, than has actually ensured an early victory in the championship.

Actually, to it it was necessary to gain only 1 point comfortably to defend a champion title of Russia: the difference with RWT-Motorsport Krapukhin even before start of the final makes 49 points!

After the first four rounds - 8 races - in RSBK Superbike has developed the following provision:

1. SPB Racing Team - 175
2. Krapukhin RWT-Motorsport - 126

3. Kozheurov Pyotr (CSKA-DMC) - 93

4. Eremin Motorrika - 88

5. SPB Racing Team - 71

Alexander Pavlov is one more representative of SPB Racing Team to whom this year good luck has smiled: the team has invited him, since the second stage, and, it was also Sasha's debut in a 1000-vat class - at once on Aprilia RSV4. And in the first race - a victory in category EVO 2 where Pavlov has been declared! But, apparently from general classification of SBK, it doesn't feel like the stranger also here.

of B EVO 2 Pavlov, as well as Leonov, has issued 6 victories in 6 races and has scored 108 points (max. 18 points for a victory). It was expected that on the final in MRW it will need to strain to put the end to a fight with Egor Egorov from Bike Promotion Sport. However, on collecting Egorov has fallen in Nizhny Novgorod and has broken a clavicle that again behind a board, at least, RSBK leaves him... But пр



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