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RSBK - Moscow Raceway: Interesting facts and statistics

Several interesting facts and statistics about Moscow Raceway collected and analysed by the SPB Racing Team team: how many guzzles how many prt?

solemnly have opened the autodrome Located in 30 km from Volokolamsk in July, 2012, and the Russian stage FIM Superbike World Championship became the first world-class event on the new route.

Moscow Raceway Configuration for WorldSBK includes 15 turns with a length of path of 3804 m and it is considered supertechnical. Nearly a third of a circle (29.2%) to the racer is required to hold a throttle opened for 95% or more - to go "to full gas". On each circle the pilot makes 20 switchings the check point, and the motorcycle consumes 0.675 l of fuel (according to telemetry of Aprilia RSV4 of Vladimir Leonov). On the return straight line speed reaches 298 km/h (according to GPS). The fastest turn is the 8th, got the nickname "courage arch": speed on descent from the hill in an inclination exceeds 182 km/h. the 12th turn the slowest is also taken place on the 1st transfer (63.5 km/h).

Vladimir Leonov, the pilot of SPB Racing Team in the class RSBK Superbike, obviously, the fastest in Russia at the moment. A personal record of Leonov on "liter" on Moscow Raceway - 1:36.258 (according to telemetry), and according to "official" data - 1:36.345 (the Cup of the Governor, 2017).

Two applicants of SPB Racing Team for titles in 2018 - Alexander Pavlov (SBK EVO 2) and Makar Supersport - both natives of St. Petersburg, and both didn't participate in the 1st stage RSBK on NRing, but have won everything taken place then races - and have gained the lead the classes. Makar and Alexander have begun with

a season-2018 on Moscow Raceway.

Alexander Pavlov heads the Championship of St. Petersburg on highway and ring motorcycle races in the class Superbike. The first stage ChSPb has passed within RSBK on Moscow Raceway, the second - on the autodrome St. Petersburg. The victory in Shushary was won by Leonov, and Pavlov became the fastest representative Goroda on Neva - the second on a podium. The third stage ChSPb will pass on Moscow Raceway together with RSBK again.

Alexey Ivanov from DMC-TsSKA is the defending champion of Russia in the class Supersport and the most skilled pilot of a class on Moscow Raceway: I dominated in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Vladimir Leonov lacks

only 1 point for early title defense taken in 2017.

For preparation for races of the RSBK team will use training days - on August 16-17, organized by the promoter Chempionata of Russia.



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