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Новый RR BMW S 1000

"Significant improvement of all characteristics of the previous model, the last 10 years dominating in all directions was our main goal. We have delivered ourselves accurate reference points: time of a circle is 1 second faster, weight is at 10 kg less and easier management. These purposes were a basis for each our decision. The fantastic new motorcycle surpassing all our reference points has as a result turned out. The motorcycle which will become a standard in the class again," - Claudio De Martino, the head of team of development of transport technologies.

Within the EICMA 2018 exhibition has taken place a world premiere of new BMW S1000 RR. With completely new engine and pendants, with a maximum power of 207 hp (is 7 hp more, than at the previous model) and the equipped weight reduced from 208 kg to 197 kg (to 193,5 kg with optional M a package) - this superbike which for the first time is released in 2009 appears already in the third generation. In addition to the improved characteristics much attention is paid to the maximum control and ease of management and also speed of passing of a circle - a novelty on 1 from quicker predecessor. Whether it be daily use, trips around twisting country roads or high-speed driving on a racing track - new RR will cope with any task.

the New engine with BMW ShiftCam technology for increase in power in the lower and average ranges of turns and a bigger maximum power.

New RR is equipped newly with the developed line four-cylinder engine of liquid cooling. His peak return makes 207 hp at 13500 rpm that is 7 hp more, than at the previous generation. For the sake of achievement of such indicators the geometry of inlet and final channels has been optimized and also completely new BMW ShiftCam technology allowing to regulate height of rise and duration of opening of inlet valves is used. This system consists of a three-section inlet cam-shaft which has two cams fixed on a mobile piece for each of valves. The profile of the first is optimized for the mode of partial loading, and a profile of the second - for full. The shift of cams happens for 10 ms with a frequency of rotation of 9000 rpm.

the Reorientated inlet collector and the new exhaust system facilitated on 1,3 kg in comparison with the previous generation also make the contribution to the general increase in indicators of the motorcycle. Essential increase in torque in the wide range of engine speed has allowed both to improve dynamics of dispersal, and to make driving of the motorcycle easier. The maximum torque of 113 Nanometers is reached at 11000 rpm. Limit the speed of rotation of a bent shaft of the engine is limited to a mark of 14600 rpm. Instant gear shifting is carried out by means of a kvikshifter of HP of Shift Assistant Pro entering into standard equipment of a novelty.

Completely new pendant. The geometry is changed for the best accuracy of management and bigger maneuverability.

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