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Roskosmos could not implement the plan for export and accused of it Ukraine and Elon Musk

The share of the Russian export of the missile and space equipment in 2017 made 8.5% of a world indicator that is almost three times lower than planned. About it it is told in the report on activity of Roskosmos corporation in 2017, RBC writes.

the Level of the Russian export following the results of 2017 decreased even in comparison with an indicator of 2016 (8.8% of world export). Decrease in export Roskosmos explains

with sanctions and depreciation of the ruble because of what the technician did not manage to equip with "the high-quality import equipment". Problems with means of removal are connected with the competition from the private American space companies, first of all SpaceX which offer allegedly "dumping prices" of space starts.

Besides, Roskosmos states that from 25 planned only 17 starts of spacecrafts were made. In three cases of failure explained with the fact that the Ukrainian producers did not supply parts or delayed production of the carrier rocket. Gave transfer of start of the communication satellite "Gonets-M" as an example because allegedly Ukraine did not supply parts for the upper stage. For the same reason for 2018 also start of one of two devices of remote sensing of Earth Sentinel-3B was moved (this satellite as a result was launched at the end of April). Also it is reported that start of the Ukrainian Lybid satellite was broken. In the report it is said that it occurred "in connection with a delay of production of the carrier rocket of the Ukrainian production". we Will remind

that else last year Roskosmos announced that since 2019 it will refuse carrier rockets with the Ukrainian control system at start of the piloted ships on the International Space Station.

As for the Ukrainian Lybid satellite, at the beginning of this year Yuzhmash expected receiving from Russia 8.245 million dollars which are planned to be spent for completion of construction of the Zenit-2SLB rocket for start of the Lybid satellite.

the Contract for creation of the Lybid satellite in December, 2009 was signed by the National Space Agency of Ukraine and the Canadian company MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates, Ltd. Total amount of the contract was 254 million dollars.

was planned to Start the carrier rocket "Zenit-3SLB" with the Ukrainian satellite from Baikonur Cosmodrome in 2011, however start still did not take place. Now the device is stored in Russia, in ISS of Reshetnev. In July, 2016 the CEO of ISS Nikolay Testoyedov notified on the fast expiration of guarantee storage of the satellite.



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