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Ronaldo's picture in a locker room has opened a secret of Juventus, a photo

Paulo Dibala has posted in Instagram a photo about Crishitana Ronaldo and has lit the tactical scheme of residents of Turin

the Argentina forward of Juventus Paulo Dibala after the victory of residents of Turin over Empoli (1:2) in a match of the 10th tour of the Italian Series A has published in photo social networks with the star teammate Cristiano Ronaldo. reports about it.

of Dibal, probably, hasn't paid attention to one detail at the publication of the picture. The scheme of defense of "Old Siniora" at standards hangs on a wall near football players.

Probably, trainers of rivals of Juventus already rub hands, having learned important information. Though who knows, can do it such syllogism from Massimiliano Allegri which also the scheme fake wants to confuse all.

Also we wrote that the president of the Turin Juventus Andrea Agnelli has told about his conversation with the Portuguese forward of "Old Siniora" Cristiano Ronaldo concerning scandal with rape. "When there was this situation, I have looked Ronaldo fool in the face and have asked him about it. After the conversation I was satisfied with his answer. Cristiano behavior then in the next weeks have only confirmed my initial impression.

Ya has told Cristiano that my doors and doors of Juventus are always open if he needs something. We are ready to support any, the woman or the man here if we think that they behave correctly", - Agnelli quotes the AS edition.

Earlier we reported that Peter Kristianse who is a lawyer of the Portuguese forward of Juventus Cristiano Ronaldo, has commented on business in which the famous football player is accused of rape of the American model of Catherine of >
"Documents in which Ronaldo is accused of rape, - a clean invention. It is a planned action on discredit of my client. It is constructed on the stolen and easily manipulated digital documents", - the lawyer has said.




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