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Romania wants to construct a gas interkonnektor with Ukraine

The Romanian side considers the possibility of construction of one more interkonnektor connecting the country with Ukraine.

the Operator of the Transgaz gas transmission system of Romania has stated that he considers the possibility of construction of one more interkonnektor connecting the country with Ukraine. It can be considered as search of alternatives of the pipeline of Bulgaria-Romania-Hungary-Austria (BRUA) for gas export from fields of the Black Sea, Interfax Ukraine tells on Wednesday, August 29.

According to the report of Transgaz for the first half of the year 2018, will pass the pipeline between Gheraesti in northeast Romania and Siret on border with Ukraine.

the Plan also provides construction of the cross-border station of accounting of gas and expansion of Onesti compressor stations and Gereesht. Project cost is estimated at 125 million euros.

of Transgaz has specified that the project still is at an early stage and the capacity of an interkonnektor isn't determined yet. The company plans to conduct a technical and economic research in 2018-2019 and engineering works in 2019-2020
It is supposed that contracts for purchase of materials and works will be signed in 2021, construction will take place between 2022 and 2024, and start is possible in 2025. we Will remind

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