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Rita Aura has bared a breast directly on the street: photo 18

Sometimes incorrectly picked up dress can play a dirty trick with even very attractive girl. Such situation has happened also to the popular British singer and the actress of kosovarsky origin Rita Aura.

So, have noticed a star on streets of New York in a color short slip dress in linen style on thin shoulder-straps. At the same time Rita has decided to ignore underwear.

In the end result when walking her bust strongly shook here and there, and then began to slip out clothes at all. Piquancy of all this situation was added that the low neck was quite deep moreover and the edged black lace. we Will note

that the singer quite often gives preference to revealing dresses which sometimes not really suit her. After all Rita has the vision of style. Usually celebrities choose the most frank images for a scene, and in usual life they most often can be seen in plain t-shirts, usual jeans or sports leggings. However the girl arrives on the contrary.

On the performances it generally puts on though is bright, but it is the most convenient. And here on walk she can often be seen in absolutely improbable things. Total-look from a neon leopard, mad jeans jack boots to which Kardyashyan would envy, or absolutely transparent skirt - here ideal daily onions, judging by appearance of Aura.

If to judge specifically this image, then a figure of the singer it is impossible to call ideal. "Such drooped breast as if has brought up three children", - haters pinned up a star more than once. And meanwhile the star has no children and it is only 27 years old.

at the same time opinion of anti-fans doesn't concern Rita at all. Here and on this walk she even hasn't considered it necessary to correct the dress which has got off on the party.



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