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Risk of heatstroke and drowning: the narcologist about cocktails with alcohol during a heat

Consumption of cooling alcoholic cocktails during a heat can improve a state, - but only for a short time. Their drink is connected with violation of thermal control of an organism and the increased risk of heatstroke.

About why in hot weather it is better to refuse from cocktail й like a mojito or gin and tonic and also from other drinks with alcohol addition, the chief non-staff specialist the addiction psychiatrist of capital department of health care Evgeny Bryun told.

Many drink such cocktails to be refreshed. However the feeling of the raised tone which such drinks can present very quickly passes. According to the narcologist, the alcohol which is contained in them gives toxic effect, changes a condition of the vessels including which are located close to skin - and as a result breaks thermal control. The person at the same time can feel deterioration in health, faintness, the shortage of air, slackness and fatigue. Also in these circumstances there is a risk of overheating.

"In such state is difficult to define extent of thermal control of a body as the organism does not give accurate signals, - therefore risk it is imperceptible for itself to suffer from heatstroke it is very high", - the doctor noticed. One of the most dangerous consequences of the consumption of drinks with alcohol during a heat Bryun considers by

drowning. The expert noted that the bulk of the people who drowned during a swimming season is made by persons in alcohol intoxication. He explained that the ethyl alcohol which is contained in alcoholic beverages forces heart to work in the extreme mode. If the person drank several cocktails on the beach where he hot, and then went to swim for a while in water where is significantly colder, then the contrast of temperature can easily provoke at it a coronary spasm.

"If ashore in this case still can provide you medical care, then in water it is almost impossible. Result - drowning", - the news agency the Moscow agency cites Evgeny Bryun's words. Earlier Medikforum wrote

about how to remove a leg spasm during bathing.



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