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Returned to Dnieper the world for the Victory Day: as it turned out

The city in which until recently for the Victory Day blood flew learned to celebrate on May 9 without the victims. And it - despite political brands and symbolics, indirectly, but shown on mass actions.

the City which feels the proximity to war, it seems, managed to find a peace way out of the social conflicts. Two years ago the celebration of the Victory Day in Dnieper came to the end with fights and fights. In the 2017th 15 people were detained, 14 - are injured. Last year uneasiness still soared in the city, and public order this day was protected by forces not only police (including from other regions), but also National guard of Ukraine. Despite small in an oppoblokovsky column (their traditional march analog of the Immortal regiment underwent the greatest criticism), the main celebration took place on May 9 in the 2019th without incident and provocations. It took place in a format of a city holiday under the name "Dyaku¾mo for Zhittya", but was organized by local Communist Party organization "the platform Oppozitsionnaaya - For життя" and its head in Dnieper Gennady Gufman.

In fact, showed this mass action which lasted 9 hours of non-feet to the whole country as the political action organized by one of political forces of Ukraine became the brightest, mass and that is important - peace! - city holiday. "This action we organize

the second year to show our attitude to that Victory. Neither bad weather today on the street, nor political bad weather in the country will not force us to forget about this holiday and about the price paid for the Victory", - the initiator of an action Gennady Gufman noted.

As noted local media, the atmosphere of a holiday was quiet, without uneasiness and tension, and came to note on May 9 both elderly, and young. The program of the 9-tichasovy holiday "Dyaku¾mo for Zhittya!" was provided for all age and social groups. It both performance of legendary VIA "Pesniary", and execution most mass "Valls Gittia", and educational mission. For youth the ex-soloist of the AVIATOR group Igor Voyevutsky acted, and for днепрян age category "to whom for 30" Garik Krichevsky sang the songs.

"We invited actors and stars for which this day is also important, as well as for us. It is that holiday on which we want to share that we feel: pride of that victory which was won by our people", - explained the choice of actors for the program of the Victory Day Gennady Gufman.

By the way, "Pesniary" chose Dnieper from 5 other offers this day, the director of ensemble Igor Svechkin told.

Is traditional, mass execution "Valls Gittia" under the open sky became a symbol of the holiday "Dyaku¾mo for Zhittya" that got a response from people of different age and generations - organizers counted that in a flashmob about 200 paragraphs
"Took participation to emotion during dance not to express in words. This mood of the uniting holiday. It turned out incredibly. So people who came here to dance "Valls Gittia", memory dance speak",



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