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Results of week in zone OOS from August 29 to September 4: rumors, firings, losses

"Informator" submits to attention of readers the final review of a situation in zone OOS and on the line of demarcation from August 29 to September 4, 2018.

of Loss and wound: the bullet in a shoulder and Zakharchenko's
death of
In spite of the fact that thanks to the called "school" truce the number of the victims and victims in zone OOS has considerably decreased, however wasn't not to the last week without victims. Protecting the Ukrainian earth from approach of the pro-Russian terrorists, one soldier of AFU has died, 13 more have got wounds and contusions of varying severity. Also losses of the enemy are known: 13 died separatists (among them and the leader of DPR Alexander Zakharchenko who is blown up on August 31 in Donetsk), and 12 wounded and contused. In Verkhnetoretsky the woman has got a bullet wound of a forearm, nothing threatens her life.

the Situation on KPVV: the closed Village and the burning fields on Novotroitsk
Since September 1 all pass KPVV in zone OOS on Donbass to the autumn schedule of work. As report State Border Service and the commander of OOS, from now on all throughput operations will be is carried out from 07:00 till 18:30 daily. These changes are traditional and connected with duration of light day. It is many times more difficult to guarantee safety of citizens in night-time, than in light, have noted in department.

At the Aleksandrovka check point (Cargill), under control to fighters of DPR on the night of August 30 near Donetsk remained to spend the night about 40 cars which haven't managed to pass towards under control KPVV "Marinka". "Towards Donetsk have managed to pass all cars", - report sources.

last week in connection with ignition of a dry grass which has led to a detonation of ammunition on KPVV "Novotroitsk" and also on KRP "" Birch-1" and "Birch-2" the Red regime has been introduced. "In in close proximity to a control post "Birch-2" the dry grass continues to burn. From fire mine and explosive obstacles and unexploded ammunition detonate, creates real threat of life and to health of the civilian population, follows through the line of demarcation", - have noted in the headquarters of OOS. At the moment ignitions are localized, throughput operations are resumed in full. KPVV "Novotroitsk" didn't function from August 29 to August 31.

On KPVV "Luhansk Village" has died on August 31 the 68-year-old man. As report sources, he went to the under control territory and upon transition of the line of demarcation has fainted. At 10:43 the arrived doctors verified the death of the man. About causes of death it isn't reported.

In LPR have condemned temporary closure of KPVV in the Village Luhansk and want to discuss opening of the check point in Happiness. It was said by the representative of LPR in humanitarian subgroup of contact group Olga Kobtseva. According to her in LPR are allegedly completely ready to open the automobile check point at Happiness. Besides, representatives of LPR have prepared a certain road map on opening of the check point on the bridge at Happiness. LPR urges to discuss this problem at negotiations in Minsk on September 5.

on September 1



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