Date: 3 months ago   Category: Health

Researchers show how the meat filled with cancer and other diseases is still on sale to consumers

Many types of meat, especially red meat, are connected with the increased risk of cancer of intestines. Of course, you can think that you in safety if you don't eat this product too often, but still consume the processed meat, such as bacon, ham, sausages and so on. We have bad news - they aren't too good for you too. Actually, WHO has the list of very accurate statistics on the website about cancerogenic qualities both the red, and processed meat.

With these scary statistical data on widely sold meat products many other clients address local butchers and the farmer markets to learn about healthy consumption. But even it wasn't safe. The skilled butcher admitted that he saw how his colleagues found cancer parts in meat, but nevertheless have sold it to clients.

Though it can be shocking for some, it can't be absolutely unexpected news. For many years researchers try to control more strictly meat which enters a food chain. However, as demand grows every year, producers are very much forced to resort to desperate measures for rescue of the business. Recent researches have shown various percent of all types of meat which aren't beef, pork, chicken or a lamb, - including meat of a dog, meat of a horse and DNA of the person (most likely, from saliva or other liquids of an organism from meat processing plants).

Here some councils for the use of natural products:

1. Own product
First, the only way to guarantee that any production fresh also doesn't contain risk, is to make it independently. You know how to get rid of everything that can be a problem. However this approach becomes less widespread phenomenon. Besides, meat demands much more efforts.

2. Check
Secondly, always make double and threefold check of meat which you buy. Whether it is a product from the local butcher or a supermarket, there is nothing more simply, than to make fast check to be convinced that everything is all right. The healthy cut has to be without any decoloured sites, without strange Rostov. Besides, there should be no unwillingness from the grocer to tell from where meat has appeared. Any seller of meat respecting himself has to be open about a true source of the production; otherwise it can look suspiciously.

3. Eat less
Thirdly, you can try to include less meat in the diet. It doesn't mean that you have to in general stop doing it - even if it, admittedly, will be the most useful option. Just reduce quantity which you consume in a week.

4. Refuse animal products



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