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Representatives of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine presented experience and consequences of the Russian-Ukrainian war of the world medical community in Prague

At a conference of the European society of surgery of a trauma and the emergency surgery (ESTES) the Deputy Minister of Health Alexander Linchevsky and the head of expert group on questions of rendering the emergency medical care Alexander Danilyuk spoke about mortality reasons during the Russian-Ukrainian war.

the Ukrainian delegation shared experience of military surgery with the international community of surgeons, in particular told about professionalizing of assistance in crisis situations and unique experience of cooperation of physicians in the conditions of war in one team together with military, civil and volunteers. Also Alexander Linchevsky and Alexander Danilyuk presented consequences of war and structure of military losses as a result of military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine which is a call and for global safety.

"Is an initiative of the Ukrainian delegation to tell the world about consequences of the Russian-Ukrainian war. Have to share our experience with the international community how to solve problems which arise in the 21st century before the emergency surgery", - the head of expert group on questions of rendering the emergency medical care Alexander Danilyuk says.

the Key issue which is discussed now by professional community of surgeons of a trauma - 1100 participants from 62 countries of the world - how to make courageous and fast decisions at limited resources, limited time and a large number of patients.

the Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine Alexander Linchevsky noted that participation in a conference is important and sign, after listening of one of Tina Gaarder's performances about terrorist attack in Oslo in 2011, it was succeeded to change delivery of health care at mass accidents:

"After Tina Gaarder's presentation in 2012 in the Kiev city clinical hospital No. 17 where I worked for that time, we carried out preparation for the similar scenario, understood that we are insufficiently ready to such situations. This knowledge and trainings became decisive for work of hospital in time to a =vromaydan. In 2014 I reported at a conference on how we helped on the Maidan", - Alexander Linchevsky told.

the Conference of the European society of surgery of a trauma and the emergency surgery (ESTES) - it an annual scientific conference is devoted to calls and achievements of the emergency surgery in the world. Participation in such conference gives the chance to be an active participant of discussion of problems, calls and decisions in surgeries which are applied in some countries allows to improve medical care in many others.



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