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"Remembering infernal summer of 2014, I don't know whether I will forgive sometime Russia for the fact that I have come to my house without demand" - the blogger

Remembering infernal summer of 2014 and that black August, I over and over again come back that night, sticky for fear.

I Melitopol morgue. The lamp which is unsteady from wind over an entrance and the refrigerator in which bodies of eighteen guys lay. Those fighters for whom war has already ended. On fields of war, near Ilovaisk... And the dry old woman mother in the black scarf thrown on white as snow hair.

It went several hours from Kherson, and then still God knows what is the time was on duty under morgue doors to meet the son... Also I have met, having touched with the shivering fingers a black bag. whether

will be forgiven by me sometime Russia for the fact that I have come to my house with war?! No... The daughter I have punished, and she to grandsons will transfer also those to great-grandsons... Not to forgive. Even if su*, asphalt under our legs will creep on a lap to kiss - not to forgive! whether

I sometime Ask local Kremlin spongers, for their round dances with shouts "Russia, Russia?"... The answer is obvious. To burn to you a creature in hell, for the fact that laid a red carpet to an aggressor.

Imperishable memory to the fighters who have disappeared in the Ilovaisk copper!

Imperishable memory to everyone who has laid down the life protecting the house, protecting Ukraine from the Russian invaders!

"Story about volunteers": in network photos of large-scale shooting about the Ilovaisk operation (photo)
have appeared



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