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Remember once and for all: why it is impossible to eat green potato

Potato has fitted into our diet so long ago that it is difficult to remember the recipe where there will be no this tuber. In the movie "Girls" the young cook Tosya who was played by Nadezhda Rumyantseva with passion called potato dishes: fried, boiled, puree, French fries, potatoes a share, potatoes stewed with prunes, fritters, roll. Generally not to count everything!

Here only not each potato has to get to us on a table. At least those tubers which differ from the fellows in a green color. So why it is impossible to eat the potato similar in color to a grasshopper from a children's song?

Green shade of potatoes at all not sign of immaturity. So occurs when tubers incorrectly store and on them sunshine get.

If to taste green potato, then will turn out that she rigid and bitter. But in addition bright tuber also poisonous. The matter is that potatoes contain dangerous poison - соланин. In usual potato level corned beef small also doesn't damage health of the person. And here in potatoes which have become green on the sun level corned beef considerably raises. And if to eat such potato, then not to pass problems.

As was told by the gastroenterologist of clinic "Medsi" Elena Popova, green potato with high content in her corned beef is extremely dangerous to the person. At hit in an organism this poison oppresses the central nervous system. Also he destroys erythrocytes in blood, provokes violation of work of kidneys and bodies of digestive tract.

If after consumption of green potatoes at you has appeared nausea and vomiting, a liquid chair, belly-aches, bitter smack in a mouth and irritation in a throat, then it is possible to speak about poisoning solaniny, - Elena Popova says. - Failures in work of heart (increase, heartbeat delay), a sharp lowering of arterial pressure signal about severe poisoning. In hard cases there can be spasms and even a coma.

Symptoms of poisoning are shown if the person has eaten more than 500 grams of green potato.

If have appeared the first signs of an indisposition, urgently you call in ambulance, - the gastroenterologist says. - In such situation hospitalization in office of therapy or gastroenterology for the purpose of dezintoksikatsionny therapy and elimination of dehydration is necessary.

Before arrival of ambulance it is necessary to help an organism to get rid of poison whenever possible. For this purpose it is necessary to cause vomiting or to wash out a stomach, to make an enema, to accept any absorbents (for example, absorbent carbon, Smekta or Enterosgel).

Therefore is better to leave those who isn't sure that green potato is good in food all doubts. Green potatoes are a poison, it doesn't fit on your table.



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