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Reddit attracted $300 million and reached assessment in $3 billion

Assessment of "the homepage of the Internet" grew almost twice for the last one and a half years.

the Social service Reddit closed a round of investments for the sum of $300 million and reached assessment in $3 billion, CNBC tells.

took part In the transaction the Chinese holding Tencent which invested $150 million and also present investors among whom there are Sequoia and Fidelity investment and also the musician of Snoop Dogg. In the previous round in August, 2018 Reddit attracted $200 million at assessment in $1.8 billion

the Co-founder of Reddit Steve Hoffman told CNBC that the company constantly invests in systems which protect the platform from insults and other undesirable behavior - both for convenience of users, and for the sake of good conditions for advertisers. "We pereizobretat advertizing - both from the technological party, and from our opportunity to offer the friendly atmosphere to both users, and advertisers", - he noticed. When we speak about fight for advertizing budgets, of course, we speak about Facebook and Google which receive huge shares from this money. If to speak about fight for users, we compete with all things in the world with which people spend free time. Steve Hoffman

the founder of Reddit Telling

about the interest of Tencent in the platform, Hoffman explained that the Chinese company invests in a large number of video games - and this category is very popular on Reddit. Reddit is blocked in China.

of Reddit can grow due to simplification of the website for involvement of beginners whom the difficult interface of the platform can frighten off, Hoffman says. Also he considers that Reddit have a potential for growth outside the USA, but the company wants that service ideally worked in the native land with habitual language and culture - and in this direction still there is a work, the co-founder of the website considers.

the Audience of Reddit which calls itself(himself) "the homepage of the Internet" totals about 330 million active users monthly, from them a half - aged people of 18-24 years in whom advertisers are interested, Hoffman says. It does not open revenue of Reddit, but sources of CNBC say that the project for the first time overcame a mark of $100 million in 2018.



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