Date: 7 months ago   Category: Hi-Tech

Razer has presented the unusual Panthera Evo joystick controller for fayting-games

The new Razer Panthera Evo joystick controller is intended for games of a genre of a faytinga. Street Fighter, Tekken belong to such games, for example.

Wants to note that Panthera Evo is positioned not just as the additional device for entertainments and and as the professional tool for cyberathletes.

the Novelty is evolutionary development of the Razer Panthera controller. The device was developed in cooperation with cyberathletes for the best understanding of what features such device has to have.

of Razer Panthera Evo is compatible to the PlayStation 4 console.

Is specified that the used mechanical buttons have just huge resource much surpassing a resource of the buttons used in the predecessor.

As well as earlier, the user can stylize the controller on the taste. Several "covers" are available to loading. Certainly, owning basic skill of work in the graphic editor, it is possible to make completely the design of "cover".

is provided In the controller a possibility of connection of earphones.

the Weight of Razer Panthera Evo makes impressive 2,1 kg. Even not powers the device in hands, considering such weight it is possible to assume easily that everything is made really with a large supply of durability. The device size - 385x260x121 mm. The wire has length of 3 m. It has to be enough with a stock for most of users.

the Cost of Razer Panthera Evo in the market of the USA makes $200.




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