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Rate of bitcoin for August 23: in the cryptomarket revival has begun, the prices have gone up

The rate of bitcoin on Thursday August 23, 2018 at last has gone to growth and has broken through the level of resistance 6600

the General capitalization of the market of cryptocurrency in a day has grown by 12,618 billion to 219,421 billion dollars. The daily trade volume of the cryptoforeign exchange market has increased by 0,380 billion to 11,869 billion dollars. Couple of BTC-USD have increased in price of 5,87%, the general capitalization of bitcoin of 115,609 billion dollars. Domination of bitcoin has risen by 0,3% up to 52,7%.

On Wednesday August 22, as of 19:00, a rate of bitcoin BTC/USD is at the level of 6 655 US dollars. It is 200 dollars more, than in previous day.

the Kriptovalyutny market has begun to grow. The bitcoin after several days of calm at last could break through resistance on 6600. In only 15 minutes the main cryptocurrency has grown in price from 6466 to 6845 dollars. But at the level of 6840 bitcoin I have faced strong resistance.

of Prichin of rise in the cryptomarket as experts consider, - introduction on the Bitfinex exchange of cryptocurrency Tether which the other day has started 100 million coins in a turn. Other cryptocurrencies have repeated the movement of couple bitcoin dollar and have significantly grown up in the price. Domination of bitcoin at the same time has all the same increased though volumes of trade remain low.

As the website Mycrypter, Ethereum reports per day has risen in price for 5,28%, up to 292,04 dollars, capitalization - 29,636 billion dollars. XRP (Ripple) has risen up to 0,344 dollars, by 7,01%, capitalization of 13,560 billion. The price of Bitcoin Cash has increased by 7,01% and was 557,17 dollars, capitalization - 9,642 billion. The price of EOS was raised for 8,61%, cost - 5,19 dollars, capitalization - has grown 4,705 billion Stellar in price in 24 hours for 7,17%, up to 0,233 dollars and capitalization - 4,379 billion dollar. Litecoin has risen in price per day for 7,20% up to 58,26 dollars, capitalization - 3,376 billion dollar. Tether has increased capitalization by 100 million Cardano has increased in the price for 5,15%, cost - 0,098 dollars, capitalization - 2,544 billion

Became known that the Swiss financial regulator (FINMA) accuses the Swiss-German cryptocurrency firm Envion of fraud. FINMA has opened executive production against a startup. Envion suspect of violation of bank laws and "unauthorized reception of public means".

of Envion tear apart also internal "dismantling", founders of the company and executive directors have accused each other of a dishonest game. The executive director Matthias Vestman has said that millions of additional tokens have been released without the permission and used for receiving illegal profit. And Vestman was accused of illegal capture of control over the company and discharge of initial founders.




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