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Rada settled requirements to marking of foodstuff

The law adopted by the Verkhovna Rada provides the ban on attributing in marking of medicinal properties to foodstuff.

the Verkhovna Rada adopted on December 6 in general bill No. 8450 "About information for consumers on foodstuff", the correspondent of GORDON tells.

voted For the document 231 People's Deputies.

the Law will settle the general requirements to information on foodstuff, in particular, concerning marking.

the Document also regulates legal and organizational bases of providing such information to consumers.

"Adoption of the bill will promote harmonization of the legislation of Ukraine with the legislation of the European Union and to implementation of obligations of Ukraine in the sphere of sanitary and phytosanitary standards... At the same time... will allow to provide the high level of protection of health and the interests of consumers by providing all necessary information for implementation by consumers of the conscious choice of foodstuff and to impose liability of operators of the market of the foodstuff which is responsible for information on foodstuff for introduction of consumers to delusion", - it is told in the explanatory note to the document.

the Law, in particular, forbids use in marking of information on products which can mislead the consumer and attributes to foodstuff medicinal properties.

the Ban extends also to advertizing of foodstuff.

Obligatory for marking is information on ingredients which can cause allergic reactions or other health hazard of consumers and also data on defrosting of products, especially meat and fish.

According to the law, is also obligatory to specify information on existence in foodstuff of genetically modified organisms if GMO share in a product exceeds 0.9% in any ingredient.



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