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Rada recognized veterans of OUN-UPA as combatants

Earlier only those soldiers of UPA who were at war against Germany were recognized as them.

the Verkhovna Rada adopted on December 6 bill No. 8519 of recognition of veterans of OUN-UPA by combatants.

voted For it 236 People's Deputies.

Deputies made changes to the list of combatants stated in the law "About the Status of Veterans of War, a Guarantee of Their Social Protection".

them admitted Earlier only those soldiers of UPA who were at war against fascist aggressors in 1941-1944 and were rehabilitated as the victims of political repressions.

In the new edition of the law are considered as combatants all persons who were at war as a part of UPA, "Polesia Sechi" of the ataman Bulby-Borovtsa, the Ukrainian National Revolutionary Army (UNRA), the armed divisions of the Organization of the Ukrainian nationalists who were at war not only against the Third Reich, but also against the USSR in 1944-1956 and later.

In the explanatory note is said that as of the end of May, 2018 about 1200 veterans of OUN-UPA survived.

This law the state recognized that fight for independence of Ukraine in the 20th century was conducted from November, 1917 to August 24, 1991.

Public denial of the fact of legitimacy of fight for independence of Ukraine in the 20th century is recognized as violation of memory of fighters for independence of Ukraine in the 20th century, humiliation of dignity of the Ukrainian people and is illegal.



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