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Rada has decided to forbid winter: there is no other way out

The Ukrainian Parliament can consider the offer "to forbid winter"

such strange initiative was taken by the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Victor Pinzenik entering into committee of the Ukrainian Parliament concerning the budget.

the Parliamentarian has ironically said that it is a fine alternative to the discussed moratorium on increase in prices for gas.

As they say in the publication placed in Facebook of the people's deputy, the power have to cease to mislead the population concerning freezing of gas prices. And to authors of a legislative initiative the deputy has advised to think of the moratorium on increase in tariffs how to forbid approach of winter.

"I want to make the contribution to "moratoriyetvorchestvo". Perhaps instead of the moratorium price increase gases better to forbid winter (to impose the moratorium on arrival of winter)? ", - the politician writes. In this case the question with freezing of tariffs will stop being relevant as "gas won't be necessary" absolutely, Pinzenik has explained. Senselessness of the offered moratorium the parliamentarian explains

with the fact that suppliers of natural gas will deliver all the same him at the established prices, and no legislative initiatives will affect it. "We wait for

that the frightened suppliers of gas from Slovakia, Poland, Hungary or other states will begin to reduce urgently the prices, pleasing the Ukrainian politicians? Long it is necessary to wait. And they will continue to deliver fuel at the same prices, as well as still", - the people's deputy has explained the position.

according to him, the authorities make to citizens the next obviously impracticable promises, discussing the idea with freezing of gas prices, however in practice nothing will change.

"Such decisions of compatriots can feed further with baizes about the low prices of gas which they should pay. Because not everyone can understand or realize the second, invisible part of cost of gas which is all the same paid as a result by our citizens", - the deputy has said. we Will note

, the joke of the people's deputy was estimated by Ukrainians. In a present situation many have considered such jokes from the politician inappropriate. "In vain you have so written

. Smekhokhu*chiki instead of real offers. The price and so not market, and established administratively. And she could and be not lifted because behind it there are real problems on villages and the cities where income isn't big, in payment essential. It is not exit - to jeer from the moratorium. Or offer ways to increase in income - or these are just dances on bones", - write in comments.

Also in comments to Pinzenik's post have appeared offers of other moratoriums. In particular on compensation on housing of deputies. "Give to

an initiative to impose the moratorium on the state compensation and rent of housing in Kiev, 120 deputies, have declared millions of savings, and at least 25 have housing in the capital or the elite suburb.!!! Make the offer to cut deputy corps by half! You there and so don't go to meetings any more. And to sneer and make mischief when the people suffer of need it isn't necessary", - are indignant in network.

At the same time, someone considers,



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