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Rada has agreed on amendments to bills of a customs clearance of cars

In the Verkhovna Rada it is planned to consider in the second reading the bills No. 8487 and No. 8488 directed to the solution of "a question of eurometal plates" today. For a customs clearance of such cars have suggested to enter a grace period, and gradation of rates of an excise tax for different volumes of engines - to expand.

of the Amendment to bills 8487 and 8488 were discussed on November 6 at a meeting of Committee of the Verkhovna Rada concerning tax and customs policy. According to the head of committee Nina Yuzhanina, the excise size as it has also been provided in the first edition of the bill which was adopted in the first reading, will be calculated by a formula:

Base rate x Coefficient of the engine x Coefficient of age of the car = Amount of a duty.

But to differentiate the cost of customs registration for different classes of cars, in edition to the second reading of changes to the Tax Code of Ukraine have been offered new base rates. "For available petrol cars with an engine displacement up to 3000 cm3 we have offered

a base rate of 50 euros while for more powerful, so more expensive cars which engine displacement exceeds 3000 cm3 the rate of 100 euros is applied" - has told Yuzhanina. For diesel cars with engines to 3500 cm3 more than 3500 cm3 - 150 euros suggest to establish a rate of 75 euros.

One more change - restriction of coefficient of age which maximum indicator is established now at the level of 15 whereas earlier he answered the actual number of years of each concrete car.

"Now even for cars of 2000 of release coefficient of age which application significantly influences the amount of an excise tax won't exceed 15", - Nina Yuzhanina has explained.

Also members of special-purpose committee have suggested to enter temporary coefficients which will be applied to the cars imported on the territory of Ukraine in the modes of transit and temporary import, in the first three months from the date of entry into force of laws No. 8487 and No. 8488. If this norm is voted by deputies, at registration of such car the coefficient 0.5 and 0.75 during 30 of the subsequent will be applied to an excise tax the first 60 days.

can Issue the car on favorable terms within 180 days from coming into force of corresponding changes. Registration of cars concerning which terms and requirements of customs regulations haven't been sustained will be carried out after payment of appropriate customs payments and also voluntary payment by owners of such cars of 8500 UAH that will exempt persons who have imported these cars on the territory of Ukraine from administrative liability.

of Means, received from mass customs registration of cars with foreign registration, suggests to send Committee to the Pension fund of Ukraine. As Yuzhanina has specified, it concerns only the means received from customs registration of the vehicles imported on the customs territory of Ukraine in the modes of transit and in



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