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Race of the nations: Italians have taken 800 victories in MotoGP

Fabio Di Giianantonio and Francesco Bagnaja, having won debut races of the Grand Prix of Thailand in the classes Moto3 and Moto3 have brought Italy in absolute leaders of the World Cup in the Motor-Grand Prix - they have 800 victories: history, the facts, statistics on MOTORCYCLE RACES .RU.

of МОТОГОНКИ.РУ, on October 8, 2018 - History of the World Cup in motorcycle Big Prizes (FIM Motorcycle Grand Prix World Championship) contains 69 years, and next year the Motor-Grand Prix will celebrate 70-year anniversary. The first races under the auspices of the International Motorcycle Federation (FIM) were held on the Isle of Man on June 17, 1949. Victories in all classes were won by the British athletes that it is easy to explain with the best knowledge of the well-known Mountain Course. However, the British not everything rode the British motorcycles. So, the very first Grand Prix in the history in a class of 125 cc has been taken by the Irish on the Italian Moto Guzzi. And it meant, as Italian the motorcycle racer soon had to ascend to a podium on an equal basis with kings of motorcycle races. The passion leads to the victory the First victory in the World Cup Bruno Ruffo has written down into the account of Italy, it has occurred in a month after Grand Prix debut, at a stage in Switzerland, on July 3, 1949: and besides - on Moto Guzzi the first victory in a class of 250 cc

in MotoGP in all classes has been won Since then 3084 races were held, and representatives of 28 countries at different times, on different routes and in different classes celebrated victories.

But Italians have got into the lead in this improbable Race of the Nations: the victory in the race Moto2 on Chang International Circuit which was taken by Peco Bagnaja became the 800th.

Among all great remains to Giacomo Agostini the motorcycle racer No. 1 as still stores an absolute record of all times in 122 victories. Valentino Rossi has taken for the more than 20-year career in Prizes 115 and hopes to reach and surpass Great Ago - he has, at least, couple more of seasons for this purpose. Max Byadzhi, Carlo Ubbyali and Luka Kadalora close TOP-5 with huge lag from Rossi on number of the victories taken for career:

1. Giacomo Agostini - 122 victories
2. Valentino Rossi - 115

3. Max Byadzhi - 42

4. Carlo Ubbyali - 39

5. Luka Kadalora - 34

the Italian racers were always slightly more successful than others, thanks to the temperament and aspiration to domination on a track. Generally, 79 motorcycle racers from Italy could earn victories in the Motor-Grand Prix since 1949. But, of course, the lion's share from them - <>
the Most successful motorcycle of all times which has brought to the pilots 164 victories is the share of Agostini and Rossi, I was and remains MV Agusta. Honda follows on the 2nd place with 138, and the three is closed again by the Italian bike - Aprilia (121). The old school and a modern history Representatives of Great Britain were always strong in the Motor-Grand Prix, however, it proceeded only the first 20 years until Big Prizes became true world the championship. Italians already then were the strongest racers in the world, but they were followed also by others.

Spain has brought motorcycle races to the level



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