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Rabinovich: Ukraine is doomed to be the great country - to it there are at least five reasons

The People's Deputy, the For Zhittya party leader Vadim Rabinovich on the page on Facebook has congratulated Ukrainians on the Independence Day and has told why Ukraine is doomed to be the great country.

"For already 27 years promise us that tomorrow it will be better. However this most "tomorrow" everything won't come in any way. Many of us were undeceived and have ceased to wait, fight. In this holiday I want to encourage you and to say that Ukraine is simply doomed to become the great country. And to that there are at least five reasons", - the People's Deputy has written.

As is considered by the politician, the first reason is educated, hardworking and talented people who are capable to solve any problems independently. "The main thing - to create to

conditions that Ukrainians created, worked and lived in the country, but not abroad", - Vadim Rabinovich is sure.

the Second reason, according to him, are resources with which our country is rich. The parliamentarian is sure that in the Ukrainian subsoil there are deposits of everything that is necessary for successful economic development of the country.

"We need to dispose only of them for the benefit of the state and the people, but not to allow to profit on them to a small group of oligarchs. Third reason: we have the most fertile chernozems. Thanks to our earth, we can become the main supporters of Europe. Everything that it is necessary for us - it is to modernize agro-industrial complex and to provide its competitiveness in the international markets. And also to select the plundered earth at corporations and to create the national land bank, receiving for the earth huge money from rent", - the parliamentarian considers.

according to him, the fourth reason that Ukraine is obliged to become the great country is an enormous industrial potential which allows the country to make any goods. For this purpose there are both human, and natural resources, and necessary capacities.

"To us only needs to pull out control over the enterprises, major for economy, from paws of oligarchs and to return them to the state. Only this way it is possible to adjust normal development of strategic branches", - Vadim Rabinovich has emphasized.

At last, the fifth reason - at Ukraine is a successful arrangement on the European continent which gives to the country chance to become the bridge connecting the East and the West. This advantage needs also to be used for the benefit of the state.

"To make it, in power are necessary to us people who will be interested in achievement of these purposes. Recently our party "For Zhittya" publicly presented the program of recovery from the crisis. We need only a year for return of the country to such state of the economy that there was only growth further, development that outflow of our best shots that people began to grow rich has stopped, and the country - to get stronger and make breaks! We are ready to take the responsibility that in the first three months after coming to power we will lower tariffs three times and we will lift in as much time of pension, we will cancel unreasonable taxes, we will raise the minimum wage and we will build housing for immigrants. We not just trust



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