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Rabinovich demanded from the Cabinet of Ministers to save the Odessa port plant

The For Life party leader Vadim Rabinovich addressed the prime minister Volodymyr Groysman with the requirement to interfere with a situation with Odessa Port Plant and to pay to the staff of the enterprise wage arrears. He published the text of the corresponding deputy address on the page on Facebook.

Rabinovich drew the attention of the prime minister that the situation with the enterprise demands immediate intervention from the authorities. So, on OPZ there were wage arrears which threaten with a stop of the plant.

"At the moment employees of the plant do not receive the salary one and a half months, and before delays began from five days. Because of it workers of the railway shop reported to the management about the termination of performance of the labor duties according to the collective agreement - on November 23, 2018 collective of the railway shop the Delta Vilmar" and "Borivazh" with the requirement to pay the salary stopped service of the enterprise and contractors "", - the people's deputy otmteit.

the Parliamentarian drew the attention of the prime minister as well that today it is difficult to enterprise to sustain the competition to products of the Russian enterprises because in the Russian Federation chemical producers in domestic market receive reduced prices for gas from the state. Because of it the products of Russia much more competitive also force out the Ukrainian producer. If Odessa Port Plant got similar support of the state, then would make the real competition in the markets.

"Considering the above, I ask you and the Cabinet of Ukraine headed by you in the shortest possible time to provide return of JSC Odessa Port Plant of an overpayment of income tax of 489.8 million hryvnias, to provide JSC Odessa Port Plant the long-term soft stabilization loan of not less than 500 million hryvnias at least for 3 years with minimum possible interest rate for repayment of wage arrears and the consumed energy carriers", - the For Life party leader wrote. Also Rabinovich suggested to establish to

for a certain period a discount in 20% for the OPZ natural gas as state enterprise of a strategic importance and to create the state order for ensuring domestic market with mineral fertilizers at the plant. "As you know

, the city of Yuzhny is the donor city which according to the adopted Law of Ukraine "About the State Budget for 2019" has to transfer 57.6 million hryvnias to the State budget. However considering the aforesaid, I consider that it is necessary to solve possibilities of reduction of this sum to a minimum at least for the period of stabilization of work of JSC Odessa Port Plant, - it summed up.

Rabinovich suggested Groysman to take the solution of the matter under the personal control.



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