Date: 4 days ago   Category: Hi-Tech

Quake Champions gets rid of lutboks and enters fighting admissions

It seems that the era of lutboks really comes to an end. One more network game shifts focus from containers with accidental awards to linear pumping within the seasonal fighting admission.

Authors of Quake Champions declared that they will remake game economy within December. After an update players will not be able to receive new satchels or chests any more, but will be able to open those which at them lay untouched at the time of application of a patch. Containers have no "expiration date" - do not worry if you for some reason are not able to unpack them in the nearest future.

Reliquaries will remain - will allow both to buy them, and to receive as awards. After an update reliquaries will guarantee "legendarka" from wider selection of objects, and will reduce chance of loss of the duplicate almost to zero. In reliquaries will not be prophetic which are included in the operating system of free awards or in the fighting admission.

Besides, developers sideline currency of Favor and change the value of splinters. The remains of Favor convert into satchels, and splinters - into chests. An exchange rate - one chest for each 300 splinters (if you have less than 300 splinters, all of you equally receive one chest).

the New scheme of development will allow to spend splinters for purchase of champions (at the same time platinum will not get to anywhere) or for cosmetic objects. One splinter - one subject. If in the fighting admission the subject which you already beat out earlier gets, instead you will be given one splinter. Splinters can be received, performing certain weekly tasks.

For each champion will introduce the transparent system of development which will replace the book of runes. Tests of runes which at you will be active at the time of application of an update will be executed automatically - will present you all awards which are due for them.

the Fighting admission of Quake Champions, apparently, is arranged as well as in other games. There is a linear system of awards on which you move ahead in process of a gameplay. It is divided into two parallel parts: paid and free. If you are pumped over in free, and then will get paid, then receive all things from a paid part for which you have enough experience. The admission includes one hundred levels and offers over 200 awards.

the Dirty trick that admissions are dumped and change every season. The first such season in Quake Champions will last about three months. The most impatient suggest to buy admission levels for real money.

is more detailed about changes - in the official FAQ. The new economy with fighting admissions starts in Quake Champions on December 20.



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