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Putin's dances won't influence policy of Austria

It was declared by the chancellor of Austria, commenting on participation of the Russian President Vladimir Putin in a wedding ceremony of the head Minister of Foreign Affairs Karin Knaysl.

Vladimir Putin's Presence at a wedding of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Austria Karin Knaysl and also his dances with the bride haven't affected in policy and the attitude of Austria towards Russia in any way.

it was declared by the chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz, commenting on participation of the Russian President Vladimir Putin in a wedding ceremony of the head of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Austria Karin Knaysl, Reuters reports.

"Our position in Europe hasn't changed because of a wedding. Our foreign policy concerning Russia is clear We have helped to create and we are committed to all decisions of the European Union", - Kurz has said.

He has also noted that he hopes to improve the relations with Russia by more intensive dialogue.

As was reported, on August 18 the President of Russia Vladimir Putin was present at a wedding of the head of the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Karin Knaysl. The head of the Russian Federation has presented to newlyweds the Tula samovar and has danced with the bride.

also spoke At a wedding the Kuban choir which trip to Vienna has cost to the Russian budget in the sum from 1,8 million rubles.



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