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Putin prepares capture of Mariupol: it is the truth?

Sanctions and restrictions which Russia has faced recently have led to the fact that ruble exchange rate for the first time in two years has made abrupt dive as a result of which for one dollar in the Russian Federation give 68 rubles. On this background it is extremely difficult to predict the subsequent steps of the Russian President Putin. According to experts, Russia having serious economic problems can go for provocations in any direction, and one of real threats for Ukraine - offensive at Mariupol.

WHAT CAN PROVOKE? New sanctions of the United States can push Putin to attack on the Ukrainian city - there promise to introduce restrictions on the faces and the companies involved in construction of the Russian child - the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. At the same time the Russian economy can not sustain new sanctions.

EH, TIME MOREOVER TIME! Besides, at Russian "tsar" the rating has catastrophically fallen. Dangerous games with a raising of a retirement age have led to the fact that support of the "very best" Russian President has returned on the level of 2013 - up to 45%. there Is no

doubts that Putin's political strategists won't begin "to think out the bicycle", and will advise him already checked way for a popularity raising - war with Ukraine.

WHY MARIUPOL? In July the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has started talking about the potential danger menacing to Mariupol. He has pointed to obvious strengthening of military forces of the Russian Federation in the Sea of Azov, on illegal checks of vessels which go to our seaports.

Pyotr POROSHENKO, president of Ukraine: The purpose of they are to cut off Ukraine on the Sea of Azov and to carry out escalation of tension. It is quite possible that Russia plans to carry out the military attack to Mariupol, export of production of our ferrous metallurgy exactly from there is carried out. According to Poroshenko, capture of Mariupol and creation of an overland corridor to the Crimea always remained a priority for strategists of "the Russian world".

AS WILL TURN? For legitimization of the approach Putin can "turn" provocation in waters of the Sea of Azov: to provoke Ukraine, he can carry out occupation of several of our vessels.

If Ukraine answers, then disembarkation of a sea landing on the Mariupol coast, with the subsequent occupation of the city will be the following step.

WHAT WILL be? At such scenario, quite perhaps, Russia will manage to annex Mariupol to ORDLO, having punched an overland corridor to the Crimea. In this case - it will be much more difficult to return the connected ORDLO and the Crimea to Ukraine.



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