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Put the personal camera, catch the violator - receive money! In Russia it already works

All motorists should know it.

of RBC publishes big investigation about surveillance cameras on the tripods which suddenly have captivated the Russian roads this summer.

of the Camera began to appear and remove violations even in small towns and on country roads without signs and a marking! And most of them represent mobile thingummies in which installation and service not police officers, but private traders are engaged! At the same time they not only are absolutely lawful, but also are coordinated with the authorities.

Under acts of the Russian Federation, individuals can conclude the contract with the authorities, at own expense mount the cameras... and to draw interest from each penalty which is written out on their photo!

Russians are concerned - such "business" can lead to mass denunciations or blackmail. We already told that laws on "terms for likes" have already led to such type of extortion: newly appeared racketeers demand money for not informing.

But the power are assured: same "world practice". Officials say that to contain on balance such complexes expensively, but a story about the private traders who have bought or leased one camera - all this a lie! "Considering the cost of a tripod, costs of service and sending resolutions on a penalty to the violator, the ordinary citizen will hardly be able to afford such business", - Igor Morzharetto's car expert tries to calm all. The cost of photoradars is from 700 thousand to 2 million rubles ($10-30 thousand) that it has to be too expensive for loner private traders.

But also is favorable is undoubted: from each penalty the owner of the camera gets the fixed award (irrespective of the penalty sum).

For example, in Moscow area is 233 rubles ($3,45 for a denunciation). The average sum of the paid penalty - 340 rubles ($5), that is is included in the budget of the region only a little more than 100 rubles.

In Moscow area fix from 50 to 70 thousand violations daily. The serving organization (The center of traffic safety) receives more than 11 million rubles ($163 thousand) a day which essential part goes for the maintenance of cameras and personnel from penalties. as a result, according to official figures, the chief Moscow region operator of cameras for half a year has earned by

"all" 250 million rubles ($3,7 million).

on the other hand, the same cameras without expenses of the state fill up the budget of area daily approximately for 5 million rubles ($74 thousand). Reaches that this money is put in budgets in advance.

Turns out an interesting situation: on the one hand, the number of road accident decreases because cameras have appeared. On the other hand, penalties beforehand budget, and it is necessary to implement the plan which depends on number of violators now for them.

One more anxious moment - masking of radars for the sake of increase in earnings.

Under the law, an installation site of each mobile camera has to be approved by the chief of traffic police of the area, and it, there have to be most emergency sections of roads. It is forbidden to hide cameras, as well as to put them behind excesses of roads or in turns and to be followed by the warning sign.

However, m



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