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Purses of parents and sale of property: as earn gardens of Dnieper

The other day we wrote about that as well as how many earn schools of Dnieper. In their case the training courses, rent and charity became the main sources of income. In gardens of Dnieper everything was more prosy. Here the main source of money (besides the budget) are purses of parents. Informant. Money in detail shares information on the sums which were received by each kindergarten of Dnieper.

of Figure are received from the reply of department of humanitarian policy of the Dnieper city council to our inquiry.

the Most widespread way attraction of means is "the means received by budgetary organizations for realization of target actions". Translating with "official" on human are money which parents (or certain legal persons) transfer "on purchase of this thing or on this" beznalichno and specifying at the same time on what they transfer money. Totally for 2017 619 980,39 hryvnias, and for the first half of the year 2018 - already 1 239 960,78 hryvnias have been so attracted with kindergartens. It is interesting that figures very much differ - somewhere it can be 6 UAH, and about 39 thousand UAH

On the second place charitable contributions, grants, gifts. For 2017 323 650,87 hryvnias, and for January-June, 2018 - already 688 556,48 hryvnias have totally been attracted.

On the third place goes attraction of financial resources from realization of property (except the real estate). It can be scrap metal, waste of ferrous, non-ferrous, precious metals, other property. On the available information for 2017 the property has been realized by kindergartens of Dnieper for 55 216,98 hryvnias, and in a half-year 2018 - for 110 433,96 hryvnias.

of the Detail on each kindergarten which was included in the list you look in our table:

Dmitry Chernyshev.



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