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PSV sets a record Eredevizy the twelfth victory from start

The champion of the Netherlands PSV continues to stamp victories on the internal arena. For a victory, the 12th from start, football players of Eindhoven hadn't to make excessive efforts in a duel against "De Graafskhap" - <>
Twice Luuk de Jong, Stephen Bergveyn and Doniell Mullen have taken care of goals in the team of the trainer Mark van Bommel. Yusef El-Dzhebli has made for five minutes even equal the account - <>
the Head coach of PSV Van Bommel thanks to this victory, became the first trainer who has won the first twelve matches in Eredeviziye, having surpassed the previous achievement of Morten Olsen who together with Ajax has for the first time lost glasses in a season 1997/1998 after eleven games.

As for a historical record for the championships of the Netherlands, he belongs to PSV which in a season 1987/1988 has won seventeen rounds in a row. 2018-19, Championship of the Netherlands Game day: 2018-11-10

Emmen - Breda of 2:0 (0:0)

Goals: Kavlan, 59 (1:0); Arias Ya., 89 (2:0)

De Graafschap - PSV Eindhoven of 1:4 (1:2)

Goals: Luuk de Jong, 18 (0:1); El-Dzhebli, 21 (1:1); Bergveyn, 27 (1:2); Mullen, 78 (1:3); Luuk de Jong, 87 (1:4)

"Vitess" - Utrecht of 2:1 (0:0)

Goals: Linssen, 58 (1:0); Edegor, 65 (2:0); Дессерс, 78 (2:1)

of Venlo - "Fate" of 3:2 (2:1)

Goals: Штоккерс, 30 (0:1); Сентьенс R., 32 (1:1); Mlapa, 41 (2:1); Mlapa, 48 (3:1); Vidigal, 86 (3:2)



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