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Prompted to owners of "eurometal plates" how legally to get rid of a car

There are several options what to do to owners of "eurometal plates" which have no money for a customs clearance.

it is possible to Get rid of such cars in several ways:

Of course, is the best of all to sell not cleared "eurometal plate", but demand for them among Ukrainians fell, and now it is more difficult to make it. Therefore it is possible to try to leave to Poland, and there to find the new owner for the car. However, recently it began to make more difficult too as Poles know about a situation in "eurometal plates" in Ukraine. Experts consider to Hand over

on the spare part

that delivery on the spare part is not the worst way to get rid of the car with the European registration if there is no money for its customs clearance and there is no wish to pay penalties (and they quite big).

In this case, of course, the owner of "eurometal plate" will not be able to beat off all sum which he paid for it, but he after all will receive some money. In this case he can consider that he got off "light". we Will note

that in Ukraine the customs clearance of a car will depend directly on technical characteristics of the engine. In Ukraine new rules of customs clearance of cars work. According to law No. 8487, the cost of the boundary procedure will begin to vary depending on engine displacement.

After entry into force of the law will fall in price all new cars. But new petrol cars with an engine displacement from 3 liters and will most of all fall in price above. And also - new diesel cars with an engine displacement of 2.5 liters and above.

It is known that an excise on the Citroën C1 car with the engine to 1 l made about €101.8. If to calculate an excise by a formula of the new "law on legalization of eurometal plates", then it will make €49.9.



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