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Prigozhin's ex-colleague has said that that has organized "factory of trolls" on own initiative

The ex-colleague of the Russian businessman Evgeny Prigozhin Dmitry Mikhaylov has quashed rumors that "factory of trolls" - the order of the Kremlin or "homework" in exchange for government contracts.

the Russian businessman Evgeny Prigozhin who is called "Putin's cook" has organized "factory of trolls" on own initiative. In an interview to the Russian Novaya Gazeta the former colleague Prigozhina Dmitry Mikhaylov has reported about it.

"Is the idea directly of Evgeny Viktorovich Prigozhin. It was necessary to read that it is the order of the Kremlin, "homework" which Prigozhin carries out in exchange for billion government contracts. Proceeding from what I saw and heard, - it is sure that from anybody he didn't receive "instructions" on anybody he didn't consult and permissions I didn't ask. And never from any "towers" teams were, everything proceeded directly from Prigozhin", - Mikhaylov has told.

according to him, Prigozhin has picked up the room for "factory of trolls" personally.

"This building in Lahta costs just on the way to him on the dacha", - Mikhaylov has noted.

of RBC wrote that "a legal mask" of the Russian "factory of trolls" is LLC Agency of Internet Researches.

according to the Anti-Corruption Foundation of the Russian oppositionist Alexei Navalny, officially the founder and the CEO of this organization is the retired militia colonel Mikhail Bystrov, and it is financed through Konkord holding which is headed by Prigozhin.

In particular, the staff of "factory of trolls" has registered numerous accounts in social networks to turn nonexistent citizens of the USA into "leaders of public opinion". On behalf of these Americans Russians wrote posts on subjects of economy and foreign policy of the USA.

on September 21 the Russian agency "Rosbalt" has written that Prigozhin in youth has been sentenced to 13 years of colony of the strengthened mode for thefts, fraud, involvement of the minor in criminal activity and robbery. He was released in the 90th and became "the successful businessman". Whether completely he has served sentence, wasn't specified.



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