Date: 2 months ago   Category: Sport

Priests: "Did everything depending on me to help team"

The defender of Kiev Dynamo Denis Popov told about a match of the 24th round of the championship of Ukraine against Mariupol and also about prospects of youth team of Ukraine U-20 in the World Cup.

- Denis what impressions were left at you by a debut match as a part of the first Dinamo team and whether you are happy with the game?

- First of all, is very pleasant that the mentor gave me chance to prove. Impressions remained the most positive, Dynamo won, having kept the gate on the lock. And how successfully I played, it is better to ask Alexander Nikolaevich. At least, I did everything depending on me to help team.

- Before a duel strongly worried? - Not without it. It was day, significant for me. Such chance drops out infrequently. But more skilled partners in team in the course of a match prompted therefore I did not feel any discomfort?

- What task you received from the head coach? - The mentor also calmed me, asked not to worry and to try to play reliably and simply and also to play more forward.

- to You had enough mutual understanding with partners? - I cannot tell what we know, each other thoroughly, I not always train with the first team, but in recent days we worked over mutual understanding much. It seems to me that on the course of a game of big problems at us did not arise.

- reached Mariupol of Dynamo nine hours. It left some mark on actions "white-blue" in the game? - Fatigue collected a little, after all reached long. Besides and the road from Zaporizhia from where we went by bus to Mariupol, was, to put it mildly, not the best quality. But it should not serve as any excuse at all. All teams so here reach. Besides, the main thing that Dynamo won and gained the next three points.

- You acted on the place of the right central defender. Who for you the player's ideal on this position? - Sergio Ramos. He perfectly reads a game, the defender's top level. It is what it is necessary to aspire to.

Dynamo have the Next match with Shakhtar. Whether it is possible to tell that to some extent it will be a duel, key for Kiev residents, in respect of fight for gold medals? - There is no wish to tell something before a game. I can only assure fans of Dynamo that we will make everything to win this meeting.

are Such matches how with Mariupol, will help you to be prepared for the World Cup of U-20 which starts in Poland in May better? - Undoubtedly. After all the level of youth teams and the main considerably differs. Here all much quicker, is invaluable experience and moral motivation. After such matches more confidence in the forces appears.

- Coaches of the national team of Ukraine did not acquaint you with rivals on a group round to the World Cup (the USA, Qatar, Nigeria) yet? - No. Though ourselves understand that in the World Cup each match will be as if the last. Friendly matches against South Korea and Uruguay on the last collecting eloquently confirm it. It was interesting to play п



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