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Pressure upon Russia will only increase - Volcker

Both Trump's administration, and the U. S. Congress take steps for the purpose of strengthening of pressure upon Russia. It was said by the special representative of the USA concerning Ukraine Curt Volcker in an exclusive interview to the Ukrainian Service of Voice of America. "I am convinced by

that pressure will grow, - Volcker has noted. - You saw it and from administration of the USA - each several months new sanctions are imposed because Russia doesn't make progress on any questions on which we have expressed the concern. It includes Syria. It includes Ukraine. It includes respect for human rights, Skripal's business".

of the Sanction will amplify if Russia doesn't change the behavior, Walker says. "We impose sanctions a layer behind a layer. You also see initiatives from the Congress. To it induces also behavior of Russia, as well as desire to continue to press on administration. It is visible that there is a movement on both sides. It will last", - the official has emphasized.

In the USA and in Europe accurately understand what occurs in Ukraine and all involved institutions of the USA are unanimous in support of Ukraine, - Volcker convinces.

"I see that in Washington and in Europe we have a powerful consensus on our position on the conflict in Ukraine and support of Ukraine and also concern on aggression of Russia whether there is a speech about the House of Representatives, the Senate, the U.S. Department of Defense, State Department, the White House, analysts. There are a clear understanding and understanding of a situation and that is necessary for her decision. I feel strong support", - Volcker has noted.

At the same time the USA and Russia have to hold channels of communication opened, - Volcker has said, commenting on recent communication of the U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo with the Russian foreign minister Lavrov.

"As far as I know, we have agreed to keep open channels for communication to continue dialogue on various questions - Syria, Ukraine, etc. Because of disagreements because the policy of Russia causes in us serious concern, we have to operate this process and create opportunities for achievement of progress", - Volcker has specified.

Answering concern that disagreements in policy between the USA and the EU can negatively affect Ukraine, Volcker has urged to look at results of policy of Trump concerning the EU.

"I don't think that we lose unity. I think, we see very resolute position of the president on expenses of NATO member states on defense when he speaks about Germany when he speaks about "Nord Stream-2. However, if to look at results, such as results of the NATO summit when the countries have agreed to increase own defense expenditure, the president has held very positive press conference. You saw the president of the European Commission Juncker here, they have agreed to move ahead on ways to zero trade tariffs. It is progress since then where we were a few years ago. In Europe there are many emotions and disappointments which are also in America, but reality that we go together and we reach more and more ре



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