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Premier league: Events of the 16th tour

EVENT of the
the General safe series of Shakhtar reaches 13 matches (11=2), and on the home field - 11 (9=2) <.br>
two goal series by miners Come to the end: the general - from 12 games and house - from 10. Last time Donetsk residents remained on "dry ration" on August 3 the 2018th - 0:1 on a visit with Dynamo, and in native walls - on April 14 the same year - 0:1 also with Dynamo.

Orange-black the 50th time disperse on zero from rivals in the championships of Ukraine.

Shakhtar plays the 10th dry match in the current season and the 40th goalless in premier league on the home field.

Paulo Fonseca becomes the 3rd ambassador Mirchi Luchesku and Valery Yaremchenko the mentor of miners and the 6th trainer foreigner who held 80 games in the championships of Ukraine (62=109-8, 175-55) <.br>
Lviv signs the 10th world on a visit.

Blue and gold cannot strike a collar of orange-black 270 minutes in succession.

Alexandria from the 16th attempt for the first time gets the best of Dynamo in the Ukrainian championships. Andrey Tsurikov in the 450th minute interrupts with

a goalless series black-flavovirent in fights with white-blue. At the same time its goal appears the 200th, passed Denis Boyko in all tournaments in club level.

the Goal scored by Andrey Zaporozhan becomes the 300th, passed by Dynamo members on foreign fields.

of Aleksandriytsa raise a bar of a personal record, having realized the 10th penalty kick in a row.

a Goal guest series of Dynamo reaches 14 games.

In gate of Kiev residents award the 60th penalty.

Mariupol, won the 3rd victory in a row in native walls (balls 5-2), interrupts a winless streak at meetings with Vorskla which made 9 games (=2-7). The last time orange-blue got the best of white-green on April 19, 2013 - 1:0 houses.

the 25th Victoria in the championships of Ukraine on a post of the head coach is celebrated by Alexander Babich.

the New personal record is set by Vorskla which prolonged the beznicheyny series up to 17 games (9-8). The last world to the poltavchena was signed on May 13, 2018 - 1:1 on a visit with... Mariupol.

Alexander Zubkov's Goal in the 309th minute interrupts a dry guest series of white-green.

Alexander Babich and Vasily Sachko's 10th trainer's duel in premier league for the first time comes to the end in favor of the current mentor of residents of Mariupol.

Vorskla suffers the 60th defeat in all tournaments at Vasily Sachko (ChU - 51, KU - 4, EC - 5).

the Personal anti-record establish the Carpathians which lost the 5th match in succession on the home field (balls 2-12).

the 20th Victoria in an elite division is celebrated by Alexander of >
Sergey Starenky becomes the author of the 60th goal of teams of Alexander Ryabokon in the championships of Ukraine.

the Third time in a row divide Olympique and Zarya glasses and as generally, and in the field of Donetsk residents.

"Olympians" set a new personal record, hammering in native walls of 9 games in succession.

Vitaly Balashov becomes the author of the 10th goal of the team with a penalty and also in duels with Lugansk residents.

Chernomorets carries out



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