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Practical tricks in kitchen: life hacks for hostesses and their husbands

Live and learn, my grandmother liked to repeat, and I was right. Whatever experience and sharpness hostesses or professional culinary specialists possessed, all the same there is something for them still novel, what can great will simplify him life. At least, the editorial office "With Taste" doesn't cease to be surprised to new life hacks in kitchen.

Today we have prepared for you, dear readers, one more portion of kitchen life hacks. They are already known to someone, and to someone isn't present. We hope that for the majority these simple councils will be useful. Hostesses (and their husbands), note! Practical tricks in kitchen the Support for the refrigerator under sauce or the
the Problem: each of us faced the inconvenience connected with the fact that the remains of sauce or ketchup flow down bottles down and it is hard to get him.

Decision: a container for eggs. Deliver to capacity upside down, as shown in a photo, and sauce will always gather near a cover. Moreover and bottles won't fall in the refrigerator. To grind a knife
the Problem: the knife has become dull, and there is no grinding stone near at hand.

Decision: a mug from porcelain. Turn her upside down and you sharpen a knife as you would do it, using a sharpener for knives. The result will be practically same. A container for the
the Problem: having opened packing of spaghetti, many are afraid that this pasta rassypitsya on all kitchen case.

Decision: a homemade product from two plastic bottles. Cut off the top parts of both capacities and you store in them spaghetti - it is very convenient. Fast cleaning of
Problem: it is necessary to clean or cut fast slices vegetables, and the peeler somewhere has got lost or you haven't managed to buy it still?

Decision: aluminum hanger. It is easy to turn her into a universal ovoshchechistny nozzle which can be put on then any knife. Baking dish of necessary
Problem: today you need to bake pie with a diameter of 28 cm, and tomorrow - a biscuit with a diameter of 23 cm? And this with the fact that available only the one and only form or baking sheet?

Decision: baking dish aluminum foil. By means of a foil you without problems reduce a big form to the sizes necessary to you moreover and you will give any figured form (for example, a triangle). Kitchen sponges and rags
Problem: you have several kitchen sponges and as it often happens, one color. And you use them at the same time for the different purposes: washing of ware, washing of a plate, wipe of a kitchen table. How not to mix them?

Decision: cut off a corner of one of them directly, and - having rounded another. Now even your members of household won't forget what of sponges for what serves. All ingenious - is simple! Isn't that so?



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