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Poroshenko: The Ukrainian cinema endures the Renaissance

The president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko notes that the Ukrainian cinema successfully revives, and Ukrainian became fashionable.

"69 film projects underwent competitive selection, get the state financial support", - the head of state told, speaking on Saturday in Lviv at celebrations on the occasion of the 150 anniversary of creation of society "Prosvita", Interfax tells.

He emphasized that he aspires to that each kopek of taxpayers which does not go for financing of the sector of defense and safety worked for not less important sphere - cinema.

"This Renaissance becomes possible thanks to financial support of the state and talented people of art - directors, actors who at last had an opportunity of realization of creative potential in various genres", - the president noted.

according to P. Poroshenko, domestic cinema revives, "in Ukrainian".

the President noted that 4.5 years ago in the Ukrainian radio space the share of transfers in Ukrainian made 4.5%. "And today you know how many? 55%. And it even much more, than demands the law", - he told.

At this P. Poroshenko specified that the rest - not in Russian, and on English, Spanish, French, but "Ukrainian there have to be more than 55%".

"Tells overfulfillment of language quotas about one: their introduction completely answers public inquiry... And language our Ukrainian just became fashionable on radio, television, in society", - it summed up.



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