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Poroshenko has warned about threat for reforms in Ukraine

The president Petro Poroshenko has warned that democratic reforms in the country are under the threat because of approach of presidential and parliamentary elections in Ukraine, and, according to him, the Russian intervention in election campaigns. The head of state has told about it in Financial Times interview.

of Poroshenko has noted that the prolonged conflict on Donbass with Russia and fighters who are financially and ideologically supported by Moscow was serious test for unity of Ukraine. But, as the head of state, contrary to intentions of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has told, Ukraine became stronger and more pro-European.

the President has also said that the main achievements for the term of his tenure include formation of Ukraine on the way of the European and transatlantic integration, repulse to the Russian pressure and acceptance of reforms in an education system, health care, provision of pensions and also reform in spheres of the banking sector and public administration. to

However, having listed such achievements, Poroshenko has added: "Because of presidential elections all these processes of reforms are under the threat. Certainly... Processes of reforms aren't irreversible and therefore they it is in danger. Why? Because of Russia. Russia within hybrid war has taken huge steps to return Ukraine to the sphere of influence".

the Edition reminds that already more than 10 thousand people have been killed during war which has begun soon after the Advantage Revolution in 2013-2014 and annexation of the Crimea by Russia. Financial Times underlines that the Kremlin denies direct participation in war, despite widespread proofs of the return.

"Is very difficult task - to protect independence and sovereignty of the country in the conditions of hybrid war", - Poroshenko admitted an interview to the edition.

Krom of traditional military methods and partial trade embargo, "participation of Russia in electoral process is huge - by a cyber war, by means of social networks, by means of television stations and support of political forces irrespective of whether they are left, right, pro-Russian or nationalist", the head of state has added.

of Poroshenko recognized risk that some candidates for president can get advantages from public discontent with a political system, state of the economy and war.

"Populist, irresponsible forces, using various technologies, can win a victory or at least a part of voices. But I am proud of the fact that all the time the choice of the Ukrainian people was very responsible. I am absolutely sure that this time he will be same, and Putin won't be able to play with voices of the Ukrainian voters", - the head of state has said.

of Poroshenko has noted that the parliament of Ukraine has adopted amendments to the legislation on creation of Anti-corruption court recently that the dollar is an important step for unblocking of the last tranche of 1,9 billion dollars from the general aid package of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) of 17,5 billion



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