Date: 7 months ago   Category: Politics

Poroshenko has dismissed the dirty hands

The president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, being on a visit in Nikolaev, I have shown roughness in relation to the local journalist.

About it on the page on Facebook was told by the employee of the Nikolayevskiye Vesti edition Ivan Kazora who has reported that it during Poroshenko's visit of the Zarya-Mashproyekt enterprise has tried to take an interest as at the president the situation with implementation of earlier these promises is.

the Journalist reminds that Poroshenko promised to allocate money from personal charity foundation for reconstruction of Cathedral Square of Nikolaev, to exact from the state budget 10 - 15 million hryvnias on repair of the Central stadium of Nikolaev and also to resolve an issue with repair of the broken routes of the state value which pass through Nikolaev. "I haven't managed to ask

a question when we see implementation of these promises, Petro Poroshenko has grabbed the microphone and by force has lowered him down, continuing to hold in a hand - so that it wasn't heard that he tells me. And he has told the following: "You will leave, I will tell you". At this moment the head of the Nikolaev RSA Alexey Savchenko as the faithful vassal of Petro Poroshenko and as though not the governor at all, and the ordinary security guard, has pushed away me from Petro Alekseyevich has approached us", - Kazora writes.

He specifies that he could expect such reaction from anyone, but only not from the president, having added that after the incident he "in principle has no questions any more to Petro Poroshenko".

the Incident in the blog was commented by the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of last convocations Alexey Zhuravko who has noted that Poroshenko doesn't love inconvenient questions and very painfully treats criticism in the address.

"All, goodness knows, to whom "has had the luck" to deal with it, unanimously claim that an ubl*dok it rare, envious and greedy. On video the journalist (most likely it is the agent of the Kremlin) asks a simple question - that with your promises which you made in Nikolaev three months ago. How does the normal head of state have to answer?

Will try to explain frostily - so supposedly we work without cease and so on. Well at the worst though that to murmur that that nobody has understood anything.

But at Petya has swum away a brain fat, growing dull the president Ukraine didn't see yet. Petya doesn't restrain, the self-control is absent. Grabs the dirty hands the microphone. [...] Generally Petya will also dig himself. And of what elections he can dream still. Petya, run while the getting is good", - advises Zhuravko.




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