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Poroshenko has appropriated a name of Pyotr Kalnyshevsky to the 21st separate security unit of public order of the National Guard

The president has immortalized memory of the last koshevy ataman of Zaporizhia >
the President Petro Poroshenko has appropriated to the 21st separate security unit of public order of National guard of Ukraine a name of Pyotr Kalnyshevsky.

is told About it in the decree No. 240 of August 23.

"For the purpose of perpetuating of memory of the outstanding identity of the Ukrainian history - the last koshevy ataman Zaporizhia Setschi Petra of Kalnyshevsky, considering services in battle, courage, model performance of the assigned tasks, high professionalism of staff of the 21st separate security unit of public order of National guard of Ukraine, I decide to appropriate a name of Pyotr Kalnyshevsky to the 21st separate security unit of public order of National guard of Ukraine and further to call her - the 21st separate security unit of public order of Pyotr Kalnyshevsky of National guard of Ukraine", - it is said in the decree.

So, the 72nd separate mechanized Krasnogradsko-Kiyevsky crew became 72 the separate mechanized crew to them. Black Zaporozhets in honor of a kavalerysky regiment of army of UNR.

the 24th separate mechanized Berdychevsky Iron crew of a name of the prince Danila Galitskogo is renamed into the 24th otdelnyu the mechanized crew of a name of the king Danila.

the 16th separate crew of army aircraft of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is appropriated the honourable name "Fords", the 1st separate armored brigade - the name "Siverskaya", to the 48th engineering crew - the name "Kamyanets-Podilsky".

the 1st crew of expeditious appointment of National guard became the 1st Presidential crew of expeditious purpose of a name of the hetman Pyotr Doroshenko.

Mogilev-Podolsk is appropriated to frontier group a name of the Hero of Ukraine senior lieutenant Vyacheslav Semyonov.



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