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Poroshenko and his representative got confused in the ratings of AFU

The representative of the president of Ukraine in the Verkhovna Rada Irina Lutsenko issued the fantastic peremog list of the Ukrainian army for the last four years.

at the same time, it denied information of the chief on the strongest army of Europe, having said that AFU only in ten. Also it ranked the anti-tank Dzhavelin complexes and the written-off ships given by Americans as the list of victories, the correspondent of Politnavigator tells. besides, the president Poroshenko returned to

according to the politician to Ukraine all experts of a voyenprom working abroad.

"Today the Armed Forces of Ukraine entered in TOP-10 the strongest armies of Europe. the 8th place, according to the international rating. At the Supreme Commander Petro Alekseyevich Poroshenko of the USA sold to us Dzhavelina, the anti-tank missile system is created, are made in Ukraine of Stugn, "Alder", developed on the basis of the jet system of volley fire "Tornado", "Willow" - the Ukrainian system of volley fire with an automatic recharge.

"Thunder" - a one-stage ballistic missile with a radius up to 500 km, BTR-4 - the armored personnel carrier of new generation which is given to arms of the Ukrainian army. The American patrol boats, boats military who are made in Ukraine. Today 250 thousand Armed Forces of Ukraine are armed, dressed, put, the corresponding logistics is made, about 160 hostels for military average non-commissioned officer's structure are built, office apartments for officers are already under construction", - Lutsenko told.

"Tells it about one - Petro Poroshenko, the Supreme Commander of Ukraine paid incredible attention, forced Ukroboronprom to work in three changes, production at the tank plants is completely restored, everything works for the Ukrainian army in three changes, all experts are returned from abroad. The cartridge plant, the plant on production of ammunition, army is included in the top ten armies of Europe. Ponder, in four years", - Poroshenko's representative said.

at the same time in the fresh rating of the strongest armies of Europe, made by the Business Insider edition, the Ukrainian army took the 10th place.

Is remarkable that until recently the Chairman of the Committee of BP on national security issues and defense Sergey Pashinsky said that Ukraine is incapable to produce modern weapons. "We tell

about our some potential. Dear friends, our potential we showed. It is the Patrol armored car and a mortar "Hammer", - Pashinsky noted. - These are two types of weapon which we created. Whether they answer world samples? It is already a question philosophical. And when we say that we will build planes, aircraft carriers... Yes, we will launch a missile in space. The industries all are destroyed, potential zero, there is no money. Therefore let's not immerse ourselves in some bathtub", - Pashinsky said.

A literally the other day the former head of the SSU, the colonel general Igor Smeshko recognized that the Russian army is capable to cause an irreparable loss to military group of Ukraine, even without crossing the border.



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