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Poroshenko and Avakov are at war for GBR

In spite of the fact that SBI (State Bureau of Investigations) has been created in November, 2017, the new law enforcement agency hasn't got to the work.

of Bureau plan to give really huge authority - it will represent an analog of the American FBI. Therefore for control over this body there is a serious fight as in the coalition - between the PPB and the People's Front, and between Bank and the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov. "Vesti" understood who has a greater influence today on GBR and why his work will begin closer by 2020.

Around work of the external contest committee which tasks include selection of candidates for work GBR happened several scandals, one of which is connected with the fact that Bank and the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov have simply divided positions, having advanced on them the creatures. Several lists of officials which are anyway connected with these political forces went to media. Activists in general said that more than 40% of applicants of positions in GBR are connected with police. But today opposition in department between the External contest committee and the director of bureau Roman Truboy became open. the Commission recommends to

doubtful candidates
the head has reported it on August 28 About personnel problems in anti-corruption department at a briefing. According to Roman Truby, the External contest committee recommended him 27 candidates for senior positions, but data on passing of a polygraph by them - are destroyed though, according to the legislation, these documents have to be stored 5 years.

"The commission has made the decision on destruction of results of a polygraph. I asked to report me results three times. Have refused to me providing the act even about destruction of this research. I have addressed legal institutes of Ukraine on this matter. The commission had no right to destroy results of a polygraph", - I have said the Pipe. the Head of department has expressed to

indignation of the fact that to him as to the director of Bureau, haven't allowed to get acquainted with results of a polygraph, and therefore he has no right to appoint such candidates to positions. The head of GBR has sent documents of all 27 applicants back to office of the commission, before it having secured with examination of legality of the actions - according to him, he addressed to Institute of the Legislation of BP and Academy of legal sciences.

It has also complained that some applicants who have undergone competitive selection were persons involved in investigations. "Some of candidates appear in journalistic investigations. One of candidates appears in criminal proceedings on treason", - I have added the Pipe.

Thus, in interaction by the External contest committee and head of GBR was found system crisis which can lead to the fact that the Bureau won't be able to get to work in the next year.

At the same time, now 1500 applicants pass a competition on replacement of 450 vacancies in Territorial Departments of Bureau. According to Roman Truby, without staffed by investigators



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