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Polezhaykin from "Father's daughters" became Apollo: eloquent photos

The actor Mikhail Kazakov has strongly changed since shooting in the Russian series "Father's Daughters". Many admirers can't believe that the full teenager and the pumped-up man is the same person.

Kazakov was gone from country TV screens after shooting in series "Father's Daughters" as the chubby silly guy by the name of Ilya Polezhaykin. It, the clumsy guy with hair to shoulders his audience and admirers of popular series have also remembered.

However in fresh pictures from that character didn't remain also a trace. The other day in network there were new pictures of 30-year-old Kazakov who has strongly lost weight and has got a sports figure.

"Isn't even believed that it is Polezhaykin", "You the handsome man simply", "Would meet where, wouldn't learn", "How many I slept?", "Other person", "Polezhaykin not to recognize you at all! It mega transformation", - admirers wrote.

Earlier Russian actress Nonna Grishayeva who executed one of leading roles in popular series "Father's Daughters" has got to base of criminals of the Ukrainian center "Mirotvorets".

accuse the Star of TV screens of illegal crossing in 2016 of the Ukrainian border at entry into the Crimea occupied by Russia.

"Russian actress of theater, cinema and television, parodist, TV host and singer. Honored actress of the Russian Federation. Artistic director of the Moscow regional Theatre for Young Audience. Illegal crossing of frontier at entry into the Crimea occupied by Russia. Participation in propaganda actions of the Russian occupational authorities", - it is said in the statement.




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