Date: 5 months ago   Category: Sport

Plushenko has reported that the figure skater Sotnikova will begin to act in his show

The Olympic champion who has taken "gold" in "Sochi-2014" passes one more season. She has said that her level hasn't reached indicators of potential competitors yet.

Therefore, she intends to pass one more season. Evgeny Plushenko has reported that on his extent the figure skater Adelina Sotnikova will begin to act in his show.

Sotnikova has reported that, coming to ice, she doesn't want to lose. The status needs to be maintained always. And for this purpose she will need extra time and recovery of health.

Earlier 22-year-old figure skater underwent treatment in Germany as she had a ligament injury. She planned to pass no more than one season. Now, in connection with family circumstances, I have changed the plans.

In this regard, in April, 2017 Elena Buyanova has stopped cooperating with her. Plushenko began to act as the new trainer. He has already said

that Sotnikova will become the participant of his commercial show "Swan Lake". She will continue trainings, but with emphasis on demonstration performances.

the Figure skater didn't appear on ice during the sports meets after a season of <2015/>
her Only victory since then the prize of "Ice Age" is. There the actor Alexander Sokolovsky was her partner. Experts find it difficult to tell

whether in general the figure skater is going to come back to "big ice".



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