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Plane crash in Indonesia with Boeing 737: there were new details

Rescuers have found the first six bodies on the place of the crash of the passenger Boeing 737 plane in Indonesia
As the service of Indonesia reports national search and rescue, the bodies found rescuers have been taken to hospital in east part of Jakarta.

"I believe that nobody has survived because we managed to find only a part of a body. There have passed several hours from the moment of the crash so, perhaps, all 189 people have died ", - Bambang has said at a press conference to Surya Adzhi, the head of department of rescue operations.

"Search and rescue teams worked in the conditions of high waves and a strong current, in the area covering 150 nautical miles", - Adzhi has added.

have Also been involved underwater search.

besides at the place of accident were have found fragments which are a plane tail.

"We have received confirmation that the plane has crashed", - quotes the agency of the representative of rescue services.

is Still unknown how many people were onboard.

"We can't comment on this moment... We try to collect all information and data" - the executive director of Lion Air Group Edward of >
has told the search and rescue operation Is begun.

onboard the missing of the Boeing were 188 people, including crew - the Ministry of Transport of Indonesia. Rescuers have already found

fragments and personal belongings of the passengers who were onboard.

In Network have published lists of passengers of the crashed plane.

Is known that before the crash the crew of the Indonesian Boeing has requested return to airport of departure.

According to the updated data, aboard were 189 people, including three children, two pilots and six stewards.

Besides, has arrived confirmation that the liner really has crashed: crew members of the barge leaving the port of Jakarta have told that they own eyes saw how it fell.

In particular, became known that onboard the crashed plane there were 20 representatives of the Ministry of Finance of Indonesia.

the Head of the National agency on search and rescue has noted that rescuers have already found some fragments of the bodies of the dead.

Besides, the representative of National council on disaster management in Indonesia Sutopo Purvo Nugrokho has said that at the crash of Boeing nobody has survived.

Also it has posted new video from the place of accident. (To look - a proskrolta down)



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