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Pimozid psychotropic drug can treat breast cancer - scientists

This medicine was capable to blocking of the protein playing a key role in distribution and growth of malignancies. Such property was shown by Pimozid.

apply it in psychiatry when treat paranoid states or schizophrenia. As scientists established, this psychotropic drug can treat also breast cancer.

came To such conclusion the experts working in several scientific centers of Great Britain. During their research it was confirmed that medicine is capable to aim blocking of protein of Ran-GTP which has an important role on distribution of malignant new growths.

This feature of medicine extends to many types of cancer. Including it showed positive action at treatment three times of a negative breast cancer. This form differs in the greatest aggression and difficult responds to treatment.

At first tested medicine on malignancy cells. Laboratory researches showed that at its high dosage about 90% of malignant cages in tissues of a mammary gland and only 5% healthy are destroyed.

Then test were continued on mice with a similar disease. It turned out that at those from rodents who received this medicine the size of tumors was 65% less. Besides, medicine almost completely prevented distribution a metastasis on an organism.

Scientists hope that these encouraging data soon will allow to pass to tests in public.



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