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Physicians called an unexpected symptom of cancer of lymphatic system

Experts have found out that the itch in legs can testify to oncology.

It has confirmed a case of the 35-year-old female resident of Great Britain Jade Baldwin. the British physicians have told

about an unusual case of oncology. the 35-year-old female resident of the County of Essex Jade Baldwin was hospitalized in 2016. The woman had an utrudnenny breath, and doctors diagnosed for her a viral infection. Experts appointed by

to the woman antibiotics, but then nobody could assume that in two months at her lymph nodes will swell up, and will make her the diagnosis - cancer of lymphatic system.

in a year has passed a disease into the fourth stage, and metastasises have extended on all bodies. This case is remarkable the fact that at the woman nonconventional symptoms of cancer of lymphatic system were observed.

Doctors have confirmed that it utrudnit statement of the correct diagnosis and has aggravated a situation. Jade Baldwin has told that at her legs constantly itched, the itch was so strong that the woman combed skin till it bleeds. Also it had

weakness. Increase in lymph nodes wasn't observed therefore she didn't see doctors.

Physicians called an itch in legs an unexpected symptom of cancer of lymphatic system.



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