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Peroxide of hydrogen and cancer: here what the science knows 50 years and you have to learn

It won't be told on TV.

Cancer is dangerous. Don't play with fire! Don't eat it, don't drink it. Don't smear it on skin, The Organic Wellness warns.

Yes, it sounds strange, but this prevention not to smear cancer on your body and not to accept him inside.

Cancer is the samples of seeds processed by pesticides or created by the GMO method. Cancer is the methods of treatment used for vegetables and fruit. Cancer is in the sun-protection lotions filled with toxins which mix up with yours then and block vitamin D which you usually received from the sun.

Cancer is cosmetics, a make-up, soap, toothpaste and shampoos. Cancer can flee by your refrigerator, your storeroom and by your first-aid kit, but he has a sworn enemy. Cancer has an enemy who destroys it as the machine gun mows clean a sex of enemy soldiers.

It is called "hydrogen peroxide". Mass media will convince you as peroxide "is dangerous", but will hold back that if to drip to steam of drops of peroxide in a glass of water every day, then it is possible to stop cancer. Yes, it is the truth.

Cancer prospers in acidic environment when blood and bodies are filled with the processed salt, sugar, animal fat and artificial food. Heart and a brain try to filter the toxins found in the majority of usual forms of food, such as antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, bleach, ammonia, fluoride, heavy metals and many other things. That is why doctors and oncologists tell

to patients that they didn't use the alkalinizing products, such as cabbage because it "will prevent chemotherapy". God forbid, that you have begun to alkalinize all this acid which kills your good cages.

Most of cancer patients die as a result of chemotherapy and radiation damage of their cancer cells. In other words, your good cages which try to help your body to overcome cancer also lose oxygen that leads to distribution of cancer cells and death within 5 years. "The most forgotten solution of all forms of a disease and diseases, perhaps, the simplest. All pathogens, viruses and parasites are anaerobic. They prosper for lack of oxygen, but can't survive at its abundance. Even cancer cells can't exist in oxygen. To survive, they need glucose fermentation". What do you have to do whether you have cancer or not? Alkalizuyte the body, here that. Now keep in mind

, peroxide of hydrogen doesn't restore immune system or doesn't restore the cages damaged by toxic chemotherapy. They are restored by an organism. It is programmed by

in your DNA. Men and women have an identical schedule: 120 days - NEW red blood cages; 90 days - the NEW skeleton; 60 days - NEW cells and tissues of a brain; 49 days - the NEW bubble; 45 days - the NEW liver, new material of DNA cages; 30 days - NEW hair, NEW skin; 5 days - the NEW cover of a stomach. It has been clinically shown that distribution a metastasis "back пропорцио



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