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Performed on the 5-fold champion of MotoGP Mark Márquez difficult left shoulder operation

Mark Márquez performed the planned left shoulder joint operation. The 5-fold champion of MotoGP suffered from problems with recurrent dislocation over a year: the shoulder dropped out of a joint during the power trainings, then, it began to occur also on races.

MOTORCYCLE RACES .RU, on December 4, 2018 - during three final Grand Prix we observed it three times. The most noticeable case when Márquez could not hide this illness on public any more, occurred on a lap of honor after the Grand Prix of Japan where Mark became the 5-fold champion: friendly pat can do from Scott Redding at inconvenient landing on baize led to dislocation - everything occurred quickly enough. Márquez doubled up with pain. Thanks to the fact that nearby there were closest associates - his brother Alex and also the personal fitness coach José Luís Martinez, a joint set directly on the place, and Mark continued celebrations. Then, the shoulder took off after accident on qualification in Valencia. Next day, in a race there was one more falling - and history repeated. Mark made everything to do not miss tests, so important for Honda Racing, in Valencia and the Sherry, but as soon as the first days off at the end of a season were, went to clinic of the Deksiusa University in Barcelona.

Today, on December 4 the big group of specialists of the University - Doctors Xavier Mira, Victor Marlet and Theresa Marlet with the assistance of members of Catalan Institute of Traumatology and Sports Medicine (КИТиСМ or ICATME) performed difficult operation which lasted more than an hour. Doctor Xavier Mir did not give comments for the press yet.

According to the statement of team, can write out Márquez in 48 hours, but everything will depend on how there will be circumstances. It is not ordinary operation: the joint and sinews are affected that is a difficult case. If everything is OK, since Monday, Mark Márquez is able to start 6 weeks rehabilitation of the house, in the Server.

Márquez's Participation in the IRTA Sepang tests at the beginning of February is not called still into question, but is clear that he will not be able to give all the best there at full capacity.

Through I resemble operation in 2010 there passed Valentino Rossi. Rehabilitation took more than two planned months - nearly four that complicated the beginning of a debut season with Ducati Factory Team.

the New workmate of Márquez in Repsol of Honda - Jorge Lorenzo also passed through small right foot operation, injured at accident in the first turn Motorland Aragon, on the Grand Prix of Aragon. On a twist of fate, for this incident of Lorenzo it is inclined to blame Márquez. They should work together two next years.



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